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Create Script With No 8192 Text Limit

Using the ‘for xml path(”), type’ will allow you to create text output without running into the 8192 Text limit. Simply click on the XML results link, and you’ll get a second tab with your text results. To parse; simply copy and paste it into another SSMS window.

use master;
set nocount on
declare @backup_db	varchar(max)
set		@backup_db	= ''
select	@backup_db	= @backup_db + 
'backup database [' + name + '] to disk = ''\\MyBackupShare\MyBackupFolder\' + name + '.bak'' with format;' + char(10)
from sys.databases
where name not in ('tempdb')
order by name asc
select	(@backup_db) for xml path(''), type
-- exec	(@backup_db)

Here’s a quick screenshot.


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