Forensics & Auditing

Create Database Audits For All User Databases

So you have your SQL Audit setup which is cool, but now you want to capture all the SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETES, EXECUTES, etc..

( By the way if you’re somewhat new at SQL Auditing ApexSQL has an excellent post about it here: )

You can use this little script to create a uniform audit capture across all the databases. If you want to see each individual audit configuration; all you need to do is change the last line to this: select (@create_db_audits) for xml path(”), type

use master;
set nocount on

declare @create_db_audits varchar(max)
set @create_db_audits = ''
select @create_db_audits = @create_db_audits + 'use [' + name + '];' + char(10) +
'create database audit specification [UserAccessAudit_' + name + ']' + char(10) + 'for server audit [MyServerAuditName]' + char(10) +
'add (select, insert, update, delete, execute, receive, references on database::' + name + ' by public)' + char(10) + 'with (state = on);' + char(10) + char(10)
from sys.databases where name not in ('master', 'model', 'msdb', 'tempdb')

exec (@create_db_audits) --for xml path(''), type

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