Find How Much Resources An SQL Process Is Using

Here’s some sql logic to help you get the amount of resources any particular user process is taking. It will give you the following information per process.

1. System Name
2. User Name (user responsible for said process)
3. Program Name (program that initiated the process)
4. Time when started
5. Database Name
6. Session Id
7. Row Count (rows affected for this process)
8. CPU Time hh:mm:ss (amount of time the thread spent being processed)
9. Total Scheduled Time hh:mm:ss
10. Elapsed Time hh:mm:ss (duration of process)
11. Memory Usage (in kb)
12. Space Allocated for internal objects
13. Space Allocated for user objects
14. Space unallocated for internal objects
15. Space unallocated for user objects.


Get the page space allocated with each process.
This is an excellent way to determine how many resources are being used in your database processes.
The counters track the total number of pages that have been allocated or deallocated for
tasks that are already completed in the session. The counters are updated only when a task
ends; they do not reflect running tasks. That 'status' will usually represent 'sleeping' as
the results of this query are from finished processes.
More info can be found here:

use master;
set nocount on
'system name' = sdes.host_name
, 'user name' = sdes.login_name
, 'program name' = sdes.program_name
, 'session started' = datename(dw, sdes.login_time) + ' ' + convert(char, sdes.login_time, 9)
, 'database' = db_name(sdes.database_id)
, 'session_id' = sdes.session_id
, 'row count' = sdes.row_count
, 'cpu time hh:mm:ss' = convert(varchar, dateadd(ms, sdes.cpu_time, 0), 114)
, 'total scheduled time hh:mm:ss' = convert(varchar, dateadd(ms, sdes.total_scheduled_time, 0), 114)
, 'elapsed time hh:mm:ss' = convert(varchar, dateadd(ms, sdes.total_elapsed_time, 0), 114)
, 'memory usage in kb' = (sdes.memory_usage * 8)
, 'space allocated - user objects in kb' = (sddssu.user_objects_alloc_page_count * 8)
, 'space allocated - internal objects in kb' = (sddssu.internal_objects_alloc_page_count * 8)
, 'space deallocated - user objects in kb' = (sddssu.user_objects_dealloc_page_count * 8)
, 'space deallocated - internal objects in kb' = (sddssu.internal_objects_dealloc_page_count * 8)
sys.dm_db_session_space_usage sddssu inner join sys.dm_exec_sessions sdes on sddssu.session_id = sdes.session_id
sdes.database_id > 4
and sdes.cpu_time > 0
--and sdes.is_user_process < 50
and sdes.is_user_process > 0
order by
sdes.login_time desc


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