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Find All Databases Without A Recent Backup

Find databases that haven’t had a backup in over 1 day. ( 24 hours ). Here’s some quick sql logic that will help you get that info. This logic assumes the databases that have been backed up at least once. Basically; they require an entry in the msdb..backupset table.

use master;
set nocount on

'server' = upper(@@servername)
,	'database' = upper(bs.database_name)
,	'last backup' = cast (datediff(day, max(bs.backup_finish_date), getdate()) as varchar(10)) + ' Days Old'
,	'time of backup'	= replace(replace(replace(left(max(bs.backup_finish_date), 19),':', '-'), 'AM', 'am'), 'PM', 'pm') + ' ' + datename(dw, max(bs.backup_finish_date)) from
msdb.dbo.backupset bs
type = 'd'
group by
(max(bs.backup_finish_date) < dateadd(hour, -24, getdate())) 

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