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Get All Servers Involved In A Mirror

Here’s some quick sql logic to show you the Servers involved in a database mirror. This does not show you which is Principal or Mirror, but only the server names. The query shows “Server1” and “Server2” plus the “Witness”, but that it. It’s meant to give you the Server names.

 use master;
set nocount on
[Server1] = @@servername
,	[Server2] = replace(reverse(right(reverse(mirroring_partner_name), len(mirroring_partner_name) - charindex('.',reverse(mirroring_partner_name),10) + 0)), 'TCP://', '') ,	[Witness] =	case
when '' then 'NOT CONFIGURED'
else replace(reverse(right(reverse(mirroring_witness_name), len(mirroring_witness_name) - charindex('.',reverse(mirroring_witness_name),10) + 0)), 'TCP://', '') end
mirroring_partner_name is not null

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