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Quickly Shrink All SQL Data Files

Here’s some quick SQL Logic that will shrink all SQL Data Files but ignore Filestream Data Files, and FullText Data Files.
This will also ONLY affect databases that are currently ONLINE and ignore Databases that are presently set as the Mirror in database mirroring.

 use master;
set nocount on

declare @shrinkfiles	varchar(max)
set	@shrinkfiles	= ''
select	@shrinkfiles	= @shrinkfiles +
'use [' + + '];' + char(10) +
'dbcc shrinkfile (' + cast(smf.file_id as varchar(3)) + ');' + char(10) from	sys.databases sd
join sys.database_mirroring sdm on sd.database_id = sdm.database_id join sys.master_files smf on sd.database_id = smf.database_id where	sd.database_id > 4
and	sd.state_desc = 'online'
and	sdm.mirroring_role_desc is null
or	sdm.mirroring_role_desc != 'mirror'
and	smf.type < 3
order by
sd.database_id asc
exec	(@shrinkfiles)

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