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Does SQL Standard Work For AlwaysOn? YES it does.

A common question that comes up from time to time is… What SQL Server Edition supports AlwaysOn? The answer is YES IT DOES. There is some confusion around this topic as Microsoft has traditionally kept it’s Cluster (High Availability Solutions) reserved as a premium or ‘Enterprise Level’ feature. However; in this case SQL Server 2012 Standard does support the AlwaysOn configurations:
MSDN Reference:

See the image below:

Another common follow-up question to this is… What Windows Server Edition supports AlwaysOn? The answer to this is Server 2012 STANDARD. Yes. Thats right! I said Server 2012 Standard. Microsoft has included the Failover Cluster feature in Windows Standard editions.
Here’s some screenshot to further illustrate the point.

Here’s a garden variety Windows Server R2 installation.
SQL Server 2012 R2 Standard

If you go to features…
Add Roles And Features

You’ll see the Failover feature exists, and has already been selected. I selected it and installed it to be sure it’s functional and it is.
Failover Cluster Feature


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