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How To Use Mikes SSMS 2016 Theme

This theme was created using SSMS 2016 (v. 13.0.14000.36) and here’s what my theme looks like.

To skip directly to the download… The Download is available as .doc All you need to do is drop the .doc extension, and load up the .vssettings file.

Here you go:


If you want to mod the SSMS theme yourself here’s the color reference:

If you want to know which display items to modify… You can try this:


Download it here:

Mikes SSMS 2016 Dark Theme Monokai

To import this theme open Tools, Import and Export Settings…

Select ‘Import selected environment settings’.

Select ‘No, just import new settings, overwriting my current settings’.


Click ‘Browse’, and navigate to where the *.vssettings file is located. In this case it’s on the Desktop.

Select the file ‘MIKES_2016_SSMS.vssettings’ file, and it will automatically apply.

Be sure to save your theme configurations after this is done. It’s the same process, but ensure to select ‘Yes. Save my current settings’. If you don’t it will be removed by the time you reopen Management Studio.

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