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Get All Instance Ports In SQL Server

Save a bunch of clicks with this SQL logic. This will find all the ports for each SQL Server instance installed on your multi-instance SQL Server. This logic assumes the default port of 1433 is being used for the default SQL instance.

use master;
set nocount on
declare @sql_instances  table
    [rootkey]   varchar(255)
,   [value]     varchar(255)
insert into @sql_instances 
exec master.dbo.xp_instance_regenumvalues 
    @rootkey    = N'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE'
,   @key        = N'SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Microsoft SQL Server\\Instance Names\\SQL';
declare db_cursor   cursor for select upper([rootkey]), upper([value]) from @sql_instances
declare @instance_name  varchar(255)
declare @instance_path  varchar(255)
open    db_cursor;
fetch next from db_cursor into @instance_name, @instance_path
    while @@fetch_status = 0  
			declare @port_table	table
				[Instance]	varchar(255)
			,	[Port]		int
            declare @port   varchar(50)
            declare @key    varchar(255) = 'software\microsoft\microsoft sql server\' + @instance_path + '\mssqlserver\supersocketnetlib\tcp\ipall'
            exec master..xp_regread
                @rootkey    = 'hkey_local_machine'
            ,   @key        = @key
            ,   @value_name = 'tcpdynamicports'
            ,   @value      = @port output
			insert into @port_table
                'Instance'  = @instance_name
            ,   'Port'  = isnull(convert(varchar(10), @port), 1433)
            fetch next from db_cursor into @instance_name, @instance_path
    close db_cursor
deallocate db_cursor;

select * from @port_table


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