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How To Download SQL Server 2016

How To Download The SQL Server 2016 Eval Edition

Go to Microsoft, and download the evaluation edition for SQL Server 2016.

You must first register before you can get to the following screen.
This edition has a duration of 180 days.

Go to:

The first thing you’ll notice is this download essentially downloads a small 2MB installer file called SQLServer2016-SSEI-Eval.exe. Run this as an administrator, and you’ll get access to then download the full ISO file.

First you’ll see a very brief preliminary screen… “Getting things ready…”.

Next you’ll presented with 3 options.
1. Basic Installation
2. Custom Installation (Selecting your own features)
3. Download the ISO directly. ( Recommended )

You’ll have the option of selecting an ISO, or CAB file. In this example I am choosing the ISO.

Once you click Download you’ll see the progress of the download.

The final screen gives you the option of going straight to where the file was downloaded, or you can simply choose ‘Close’.

Once close is selected you’ll be presented with a ‘Are you sure’ prompt. Just click ‘Yes’ to close the screen.

Go to where you downloaded the file, you’ll see the ISO. Here it’s about 2.1GB. This size will grow as more updates are added to the ISO as the product evolves.


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