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How to install SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition

How to install SQL Server 2016

Step 1:

Mount the SQL Server 2016 ISO.

Step 2:
Right-click and select ‘Run as Administrator’.

Step 3:

Select ‘Installation’ on the left pane, and click ‘New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation’ on the right pane.

Step 4.
While this installation is branded with ‘Evaluation’ edition; you still have the option to choose from 3 different editions.

1. Evaluation Edition
2. Developer Edition
3. Express

In this example; we are using Developer Edition.

Click ‘Next’.

Step 5:

Accept the license terms and click ‘Next’.

Step 6:
Select the feature ‘Database Engine Services’, and ensure you are installing it to the appropriate drive in your server. In this case we are using Drive E: for the purpose of this tutorial.

Step 7:
Provide a name for the ‘Named Instance’.
Here we are using SQL_2016_01, and the ‘Instance ID’ is automatically filled in.
Note: This example uses underscores in the Instance Name. This is not recommended, but this is only a simple walk through.

Click ‘Next’.

Step 8:
Provide the SQL Server Service accounts, and ensure the ‘Startup Type’ for the SQL Server Agent is set to ‘Automatic’.
Click ‘Next’.

Step 9:
Under the ‘Server Configuration’ tab…
Select ‘Mixed Mode’, and specify a complex password.

Add the following accounts as the ‘SQL Server Administrators’.

Next click on the ‘Data Directories’ tab…

Step 10:
Under the ‘Data Directories’ tab…
In this example we are using the E: drive. However; if at all possible you should always ensure the Data, Log, TempDB, and Backup drives are using segregated drives.

D: – Data

E: – Log

F: – TempDB

G: – Backups

Click the ‘TempDB’ tab.

Step 11:
Add 8 TempDB files, and click ‘Next’.

Step 12:
Click ‘Install’.

Step 13:
Be patient as the installation is carried out.

Step 14:
Once the installation completes you may get the following prompt. Keep in mind this does NOT automatically restart the server so you are at liberty to restart it whenever is best.
Click ‘OK’, and ‘Close’.


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