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Setting Default Folder For CMDER Using Windows

If you’re like me and do any amount of web work; you’ll find lots of useful tools out there for the Mac or PC so you can carry out your work. In my case; I use both machines, and usually will use the Cmder console emulator for Windows.

Found Here: http://cmder.net/

Ok; so you download the .msi file, and the installation goes great, but now you want to set the default folder.

You can set the default folder with the /start switch for the short cut. Below is how I made that happen.

Go to the CMDER program files and create a short cut on the Cmder.exe file.

Just add the /start “C:MyFolderPath” next to the original shortcut Target. Remember to add the quotes. The path you specify will be the location where Cmder will open each and every time.

For example; I want mine to open under my Projects folder so this is what I have.
"C:Program FilesProductivityToolscmderCmder.exe" /start "C:Program FilesProductivityToolsProjects"

You could create multiple shortcuts with new /start paths, and you can simply open Cmder to a new folder for each one.

Next to drop your shortcuts under your System32 folder, and you have your own start-run shortcut


Here is my start run shortcut.

Hope this gets you started on what you need for having a default home folder.


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