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Dark Monokai SSMS Theme

Here’s another example of the Dark SSMS Monokai theme using the ssms.pkgundef mod.

The file can be found here: C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SQL Server130ToolsBinnManagementStudio

Here’s my ssms.pkgundef file with mods included. If you want to use it; feel free, but take a quick backup of yours first.

Fyi; At the time of writing this post I’m using SSMS 2016 version 13.0.16100.1

Here’s another write-up specifically for Fonts, and Colors ( To correct this issue). Download is also available as .doc All you need to do is drop the .doc extension, and load up the .vssettings file. Should be all set after that.


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  1. FYI, unfortunately this does not appear to be working in SSMS 2017

    “Error 1: Fonts and Colors: The color theme specified in the imported file is not found. Fonts & colors will not be imported.”

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