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Get Specific File Name From Sharepoint Database


Here’s a quick query to get all documents across Sharepoint content databases based on a wildcard name you specify. Just remember to change the @wild_card variable to the document(s) you’re looking for.
The data is pulled into a temp table called #collection

Note: If you have a wide range of Sharepoint content databases on a single server; this will take some time to run but the results are worth it as you can run additional queries on the temp table, or port it into another database if needed. Excellent way to manage and administer document content especially considering that image files are many times larger than text or basic document files. In this case; you can identify what possible objects may be ‘compressed’, archived or removed in order to aggressively manage capacity.

use master;
set nocount on

declare	@wild_card	varchar(255)
declare @get_doc	varchar(max)
set	@wild_card	= 'MyFileName'
set	@get_doc	= ''
select	@get_doc	= @get_doc +
use [' + [name] + '];' + char(10) + 
,	''list_name''	= alllists.tp_title
,	''file_name''	= alldocs.leafname
,	''url''		= alldocs.dirname
,	''document content (binary)''	= alldocstreams.content
	alldocs join alldocstreams	on alldocs.id=alldocstreams.id 
	join alllists			on alllists.tp_id = alldocs.listid
	alldocs.leafname like ''%' + @wild_card + '%''
	alldocs.dirname like ''%' + @wild_card + '%''
	[name] like '%content%'
order by
	[name] asc

if object_id('tempdb..#collection') is not null
drop table	#collection
create table	#collection
	@wild_card[database]	varchar(255)
,	[list_name]		varchar(255)
,	[file_name]		varchar(510)
,	[url]			varchar(510)
,	[document_content]	varbinary(max)
insert into	#collection
exec		(@get_doc)

select * from #collection order by [list_name], [file_name] asc


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