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Dark SSMS Theme (SSMS 2017)

This is dark theme I created for SSMS 2017

Once you download it; you’ll need to remove the .doc

Mikes Dark SSMS Theme (SSMS 2017)


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  1. Hi Mikes, thank you so much! It looks great!
    But I have a problem: when I import your settings, the theme would change from Dark to Blue, which means I cannot make it Dark and your settings at the same time, but text editor area is dark though. Do you know how should I do?
    Also, any way to make grid results dark as well?
    Thank you so much!


  2. @Ray I was working with the same theme configuration found here, and had similar problems. After further investigation it appears that Microsoft has completely removed the dark segments from the configuration file in the last SSMS update. That means even if you applied Mikes dark theme changes it would still not work. Microsoft has removed coloring from it’s menu features altogether.

    I went ahead and started using DBForge Studio as my SQL client. It’s nearly identical (alittle more advanced) and 100% DARK!

    Microsoft needs to get their shit together and give us the Dark them that we want. We look at SSMS every single day.

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